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My perspective toward Bible study was wrong before I went through ONE on ONE with GOD, but now it has drastically improved.

Before, my relationship with God was not good, but now I feel I have cultivated a much better relationship with God. My prayer life was down, but now I feel it’s growing better and better. Finally, I think I’m beginning to enjoy my Christian life. I have learned to pray and commune with God. I have better skills of loving the body of Christ, and I have learned to love my enemies. I give glory to God for the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding He gave you to compile such an anointed, Holy Spirit-guided book for the development and growth of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you!



Before this ONE on ONE with GOD study, I couldn’t do the following things properly:

(1) I could not meditate in God’s Word.

(2) I had a problem memorizing Scriptures because I did not know the methods that could help me do that.

(3) I had a challenge in doing thorough Bible study.

(4) I didn’t have answers for some questions that are commonly asked by people, especially non-believers.

(5) I had tried to read through the Bible, but I couldn’t finish simply because I had no systematic way to do it.

(6) I was vulnerable to the temptation of compromising and procrastinating.

(7) I didn’t know the general lifetime goals.

(8) I didn’t know the reasons why I should saturate with life with God’s love.

(9) I didn’t know how we can make disciples and produce disciple-makers.

(10) My prayer life had its challenges.

After finishing ONE on ONE, I know how to meditate according to the way I’ve been taught, and my life is beginning to be transformed. I have learned methods I can use to memorize Scripture. I can do Bible study properly and answer various questions using God’s Word. I will be able to read through the whole Bible by applying the Bible reading plan in the workbook. I find myself better able to overcome temptations and compromise. I know the general lifetime goals and the reasons I should saturate my life with God’s love. My prayer life is changing, and I know the best way to make disciples.



Before I went through ONE on ONE with GOD, I wasn’t well conversant on the easier way of programming and planning Bible study.

ONE on ONE has eased the process. I have graded myself in the area of love and have realized that my love for those who are difficult to love is still below the expectation of Christ, which is to love our enemies. I have further realized that one understands and gets to know more about God once the disciple conforms to the standards of the person he is ministering to. Bible references in regard to discipling and the common questions unbelievers ask have been clarified, making it easier to minister to new converts.

It has been a great experience, generally. I have made new friends and enjoyed the sharing among us. My understanding of some facts has moved to higher ground. I have been challenged to read and understand more of the Word of God, especially as a defense to the questions of the lost. They will be answered according to the Word.


ONE on ONE with GOD has helped me to find peace in my head with the help of the Holy Spirit.

I have learned more about God. ONE on ONE has taught me how to stay at peace with the community and love my enemies. It has raised my spirit and made me able to pass on God’s Word to people who are in need. I have learned to live for today and to concentrate on just one day at a time, without worrying about tomorrowŠ—”cultivating natural loving responses of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication to God all through the day.

ONE on ONE has united me with fellow followers with whom we share the Word of God. The Lord has set me free from slavery with regard to righteousness. I see Him take away my shame of the old fruit; I picture myself a slave of God because there is no righteousness with the Lord our God. I also see myself living forever in fruits of holinessŠ—_



I really praise God especially for the ONE on ONE class.

It helps me learn to know Him more deeply and intimately.



Before the training, I had grudges against some people.

But now I have released them and forgiven them. Before, my faith had gone low, but now it has been rekindled, and I have purposed to press on. Before, I had relaxed in the ministry, but now I feel empowered to continue.



Before I went through ONE on ONE with GOD, I was easily angered and unforgiving, but now I have learned how to control my anger and forgive.

. I also used to read the Word of God, but now I have learned how to study God’s Word. I also learned about love, thanksgiving, reaching the lost, obedience, having faith, and much more. May God bless you so much.



Before I went through ONE on ONE with GOD, I was not able to study the Bible using a variety of methods.

Now I know several methods and am mostly using the chapter and book methodsŠ—_ I also learned how I can saturate my life, my mind, with the Word of God, through pondering, picturing, and prayingŠ—”meditating during my quiet time with God. The Love Test helped me evaluate myself and learn to love the unlovable. I also learned that it is important to be myself instead of copying other people.



Through this training, I have learned to ponder God’s Word by meditating and to memorize and apply it to my life.

It was a great privilege through this training to learn about prayer: adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. ONE on ONE with GOD has been a great help in finding out how to disciple others. I am taking serious action to disciple to help the body of Christ.



Before I went through the ONE on ONE with GOD training, I could not memorize Bible verses, pray with the Word of God, or ponder biblical passages.

Now I can memorize Bible verses and stories. I can pray in the Word of God, quoting Bible verses as He promised. I can ponder Bible passages, thinking in detail about the meaning and making a mental picture of the real meaning. Praise, praise be to God, our Father, the Creator of the universe, for this kind of highlight and great assistance you have done for us!



Before I did ONE on ONE with GOD, I had no chance to meet my fellow Christian workers who ministered in various churches.

Now I have had a golden chance to meet different church ministers as well as leaders.

Before we did the study, there were different areas I had not handled or studied well such as the love of God, Bible study methods, various ways of church growth (discipling others, visitation to different leader’s families), but now I have already started visitation. I learned that witnessing can be done everywhere and any time.



Before I went through ONE on ONE with GOD, I was very weak in my prayers.

I’ve never been persistent or insistent. I also didn’t know how to displace evil thoughts with the Word of God. I never used to be a wise and bold disciple-maker. I never knew the secret of loving people who seemed unlovable. I didn’t know I must be a good disciple, teachable, available, and willing to sacrifice myself. I also didn’t know I have to do everything as a disciple, aiming to be like Him to glorify Him. I learned that my life should be saturated by Christ. Now I am a changed person.



I was a sinful man who lived in the darkness of sin.

I could not understand the will of God or know His Word. So I was an arrogant man to the Lord and society as well. There was a time that I almost said that there is no God.

After I got saved, I started going to church. I could not forgive easily, and I did not know how to read and study the Bible or how to give unto the Lord. But now, after attending ONE on ONE with GOD, I am changed.



Before I went through ONE on ONE with GOD, I was pressed by stress.

But now I have experienced change. Before, I did not know where to begin. But now I am able to do all things by the grace of God. Before, I was full of questions. But now I am satisfied. Before, I was carrying anger toward some co-workers in the ministry; now I have forgiven themŠ—_Now I will focus on Jesus.



I do thank God for ONE on ONE with GOD because it has been a blessing to my life.

Before the study, I was looking for a way to memorize scriptures, and I couldn’t find it. But by the end of the training, I think I know how to do it.

I was in a certain conference here in my country, and they talked of pondering and picturing. Now I know how to do that. My walk with God is now differentŠ—_ONE on ONE has really been critical in my walk with HimŠ—_It will be my pleasure to extend this training to my home area and my church.



The Lord found me when I was a young boy through The Passion of the Christ video.

In my salvation life I was taught many things about Christ, but my desire was to understand the Lord even more.

I had many questions in my Christian life. Through ONE on ONE with GOD, I learned that we have the blood of others on our hands when we fail to speak God’s Word with His people. I am responsible before God for their deaths in sin.

I also know that I have lived in unfaithfulness before God, but I have prayed for forgiveness. I know He saved me to reach the lost and express the love of Christ to them. It is my duty to make disciples to bring more disciples to Christ. I also learned that God will not compromise evilŠ—”I need to repent and nail it to the cross.



Before I went through ONE on ONE with GOD, I was using poor methods of fishing.

I have discovered that God desires me to love everyone equally regardless of the character of someone. Before, I was evangelizing without realizing I wasn’t showing love. I have learned to do God’s work with all my strength and love, not wanting the blood of others to be on my hands. I have learned to better prepare messages through pondering and picturing. And I have discovered that it is possible to read the whole Bible in only one year, which is wonderful! Come back to my country!



Before ONE on ONE with GOD, I was not good at reading the Bible and always postponed.

Every time I wanted to read the Bible, I would say that I would read tomorrow. But now I have come to know that we live one day at a time, and every opportunity is today, not tomorrow. ONE on ONE has also helped me have a plan on how to read the Bible and how to study the Bible and how I can prepare a message.

ONE on ONE has helped me to learn more on how to become a disciple-maker. I was impressed by the idea of multiplication instead of addition. I have also learned that I should share love with others. Before, I had love only for those people who mattered to me, but now I know that we should extend love even to those who are difficult to love.



I found the ONE on ONE with GOD class to be very fulfilling to my Christian growth.

Before I took the course, I easily succumbed to idle thoughts and filthy words I heard outside. But since I came to accept Jesus and have Him in my heart, soul, and mind, I have minimized those impure thoughts or wickedness. Although I can still observe some suspicious behavior in someone close to me, I ask the Lord’s mercy upon me that I won’t be trapped by Satan’s temptations as I leave everything to God. I know I am God’s child, and He won’t forsake me. I am thankful to the couple who came to us and imparted light and knowledge to me and my fellow Christians.



I praise and thank God for He has sent you here to help us couples know more about God and do what He says.

Through ONE on ONE with GOD I’ve learned many things about what Christ wants me to know, say, and do. I have that full confidence in Him. I now don’t worry about everything, for He’s always the answer. I’ve trusted the Lord, and He’s really great.



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