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Before I began ONE on ONE with GOD, I had had a morning quiet time for years.

The in-depth study and pondering, picturing, and praying I learned from ONE on ONE opened new doors of understanding and growth in my spiritual life. The information in the book was outstanding, but being presented by two ladies I know have a close walk with the Lord made it more meaningful. The weekly prayer time with my prayer partner was also transforming for me.


Before I went through ONE on ONE with GOD, I was coming back into the fold.

This has convicted me to continue my study of the Word and to witness. I was not as committed to reading very much of the Word every day as I am now. Through ONE on ONE I have grown in faith and confidence that God is in control. I know that I can get through anything with God’s help. This gives me tremendous peace. Thank you for your time in leading and inspiring us.


My spiritual gift is encouragement.

Before I went through ONE on ONE with GOD, I wasn’t strong in evangelizing, but discipling is sharing, mentoring, and teaching, which is where I’m stronger. This has helped with my shortcomings in evangelizing. ONE on ONE helped me be more disciplined. Retirement makes one feel a bit undefined. Everyone needs meaning and purpose, and ONE on ONE gives us purpose clearly defined. Thank you!


When I started ONE on ONE with GOD, I wasn’t truly with God.

I had never had a daily Bible reading, and so I came looking to get to learn more about God, to learn truth and love Him more, and just basically to become Philippians 3:10.

Now after finishing the course, in my opinion I have totally changed. I have a daily Bible reading with God. Every dayŠ—”sometimes without really realizing itŠ—”I’ve learned to love, trust, and obey more with my feelings. I love it. I feel so strong now, and I have no more doubts or worries. It is great! ONE on ONE is something I totally needed, and I prayed about before I came. And now I’m just like, Š—“Wow!Š—


When I started ONE on ONE with GOD, God found me scared, overwhelmed, and not really excited.

I was frustrated with thinking it would be all disciplines and that I would be overwhelmed so much with all we were learning that I couldn’t take any of it in. I was looking forward to learning some good disciplines, and I was so excited when Jerry said that we would really be striving to move information from our heads to our hearts because I felt like I was at a point of questioning a lot of what I believed and knowing that I had a lot of information but not heart knowledge.

After finishing ONE on ONE, I am excited. I am confident that I have a great tool of not just knowledge but truths, how-tos, promises, and the Word. I have learned so much and have such a better confidence in God’s love for me. I know how to yield, what real truth is, where my focus should remain, etc. I’m so excited to see all God will do through this, and I hope and pray that He will continue to build these truths in applicable ways in my life every day.


Before I started ONE on ONE with GOD, God found me as a newly devoted Christian with the first tinges of a God-given peace and hope.

I was very convicted about how that should be one of the main focuses of my life at this point, but I really was unequipped to follow through. I had lots of conviction and good intentions but wasn’t very able. I still struggled majorly with depression and feelings of inadequacy. I had no vision for my future or for my mission that God has given to me. I knew that I should do the disciplines such as praying, reading my Bible, meditating, and memorizing Scripture, but I was under the impression that we just did it almost to do it. I felt that we would know God and the disciplines would come from the overflow.

Now one of the most important things that I’ve learned in ONE on ONE with GOD is that the way we know God is to perform the disciplinesŠ—”not that we perform the disciplines because we love God and not that we love God and so we do them. ONE on ONE has shown me things that have given me the tools to prepare me for the rest of my life as a Christian. I have learned loads about discipleship and how I can allow God to disciple me, and I don’t have to rely on other people to teach me. God can teach me. It is wonderful to have things engrained in my heart. Lots of the illustrations have fleshed out things that I need to knowŠ—”for example, the wings of the airplane (trust and obey) and the obedience things where you give the control over to God constantly. I have learned the importance of Scripture and how that is mainly the way that God speaks to get to us. God has given me such a vision for my ministry for the fall and such a heart for discipleship and the idea of spiritual reproduction. It encourages me that I can minister just by sharing my life and what God has shown me. I found strength in knowing that I can know God in an intimate way.


Before ONE on ONE with GOD, I was hungry for God’s Word and desiring to strengthen my spiritual foundation.

I was plagued by questions of how to walk with God and obey His truths in a practical, timely manner. I was very weak in the areas of prayer, meditation, and Scripture memorization. My walk was more consistent than ever before, but it still lacked some structure and the understanding of fundamental principles.

After completing ONE on ONE, I am very excited to share with others the truths, principles, and disciplines I’ve learned and am starting to apply. I now recognize that my walk with God is one day at a timeŠ—”yielding, abiding, and loving Him. These qualities have to be cultivated moment by moment. I feel that I have been directed to the right path of godly living and that I am becoming more and more intimate with God each and every day.


Before I started ONE on ONE with GOD, I was a Christian who was living for Christ as far as obedience in my life was concerned.

However, I was not living abundantly because I had not developed the disciplines of the Christian life. I was not reading daily because I had been discouraged previously with staying in the Word, and I had no Š—“direction,Š— per se, as to how to have a quiet time.

My life has changed dramatically since taking ONE on ONE, including my actions, attitudes, thoughts, and over-arching approach to life. I enjoy my quiet times and look forward to the time I get to spend with God. It’s like being exposed to such an intense challenge has actually refreshed and sparked up my spiritual life so that I can rise to the occasion. I’ve noticed that there’s been a change in my everyday outlook on life to one of joy and love toward everyone. I’m not nearly as grumpy as I wasŠ—”I’m just a new person because of what the Word has done. I am consistently getting in the Word and praying and seeking out the will of Christ, and I’m getting responses. So it’s been a big encouragement.

Aaron C.

Before ONE on ONE with GOD, I was stale, with no quiet time and no witnessing even though I loved Christ and others.

Through the study, He put a mirror in front of my fact and showed me how I should change.

Todd M.

Before I began ONE on ONE with GOD, I was complacent and unprepared.

I had a mild passion to know Him, but I was unaware of what it meant to love and know Christ in the fullest sense. I had little sense of direction or assurance. My time spent with God was not very productive, and the truths I read weren’t changing my heart.

But now Christ has just begun to radically change my heart. My lifestyle is more Christ-centered. I have a stronger, Christ-centered love for myself and others. God has given me an insatiable desire to disciple others. I’m better prepared to share the hope that lives in me. ONE on ONE with GOD has provided disciplines that will continue to fuel my strengthening relationship with Christ.

Jeremy B.

Before I started ONE on ONE with GOD, I had a passion to learn, but I did not know where to begin. I was fearful and lost at times.

I was not exactly sure what the Christian life meant. I was afraid to witness and felt I was inadequate to. I had a quiet time, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to proceed. I was lacking understanding of the attributes of God. However, I know I had a love for God, and I knew He loves me. But I was unsure how to relate and what my response should be. I was ignorant of all the promises God has for me.

Now I feel much more confident in God and myself. I feel I am adequately prepared to disciple someone and could now reproduce reproducers. I am realizing the promises God has for me and am not just resting in emotional love for God but am more consistent through discipline. I still am fearful of witnessing, but I have been convinced of the sense of urgency and know that God’s power is made perfect in weakness. He will speak through my stumbling if I allow him to use me. I feel I have more direction and a greater sense for God’s will. I see myself fitting into His will and yielding to Him. My quiet time has more structure, and pondering, picturing, and praying have added depth. I feel I have found the foundation of Christ upon which I can rest.

Robert A.

When I started ONE on ONE with GOD, I was in a tough spot in my life, struggling to do my daily Bible study.

But I had a willingness to follow His will in my life.

Now that I have finished the study, I see that God has increased my love for Him and my determination to stand with Him at my side. He has given me a greater concern for reaching those who don’t know God or who need to be discipled. He has given me the knowledge that I can do this and am a part of His plan to do just that.

Joshua T.

Fifteen weeks ago the Lord was working on me to draw closer to Him.

He knew that I was hungry for His Word. I really enjoyed the ONE on ONE with GOD study. This study has helped me to be able to draw closer to God and to be able to talk with God as I talk to a friend and a brother.

Terry D.

There is a revival that is stirring my heart to serve Him at a level that I have never before desired or attainedŠ—”a renewal that began in January when I became a student of the 15-session ONE on ONE with GOD discipleship classŠ—_

Nearly immediately, I realized that I had wandered way too far from the path Jesus wanted me to walk. Philippians 3:10 is the foundation for this study, which is the continuation of a journey for me that has seen me stumble periodically but has left me better equipped to withstand the trials and temptations that Satan will inevitably toss my way.

Phil B.

When I headed off to my freshman year of college, it was as a nominal Christian.

I had been saved for several years but was disillusioned with God and full of doubts about Him and my relationship with Him.

Perhaps out of a sense of obligation, I began attending a local church. Encouraged by an older friend, I visited the college and career Sunday school class. There I met a vibrant group of growing young Christians excited about what God meant in their lives. I was strangely drawn to them by something I didn’t even fully understand. The teacher of that class was a young man who did government contracting work building Air Force runways. But God was using this unassuming teacher to build more than concrete runways. I could see in the lives of his pupils the results of his spiritual investment. After careful observation from a safe distance on the periphery for several months, I concluded that what they had in their lives, I wanted also.

As I began to express an interest in growing spiritually, this man asked me to first answer four questions: (1) Did I have a heart for the Lord? (2) Was I open and teachable? (3) Would I be available to learn? (4) Was I willing to sacrifice? In other words, he wanted to know if I was hungry, if I was earnest, and if I really meant business with the Lord. You can’t disciple someone with a closed mind or an argumentative attitude. I was a busy college student trying to get into medical school, and I had a part-time job. Sometimes I even had a social life. I was going to have to make it fitŠ—”maybe even giving up other activities and priorities.

I answered these four questions in the affirmative, and the man graciously began to include me in his life. This was a busy manŠ—”married, self-employed, two children in grade school, a Sunday school teacher, and a deacon. Yet for the better part of at least two years, he consistently made the time to meet with me once a week. He taught me how to pray, how to memorize verses, and how to study the Bible for myself. He personally took me with him witnessing, and together we led several people to the Lord. He paid my way to go to seminars he thought would help me. He bought me commentaries and fed me meals. We talked about everything imaginable, including the girl who eventually became my wife.

Sometimes the discipline required was tough. Sometimes I disappointed him. Never did I doubt that he cared about me. He literally invested his life in me with the hope that I would reproduce in the lives of others what he had done for me.

Frank D.

Medical doctor

I was in the habit of reading the Bible in a quiet time each day; in fact, I have read the Bible daily for several years.

But ONE on ONE has helped me to visualize and personalize the Word, to memorize Scripture, and to take better notes. I have a renewed dedication to know more of Him through the Word.

Mary Ann G.

Fifteen weeks ago my Bible study was for daily response onlyŠ—”no long-term Š—“storage,Š— nothing written down, nothing to grow on.

But now I have a framework for growing in God.

Cindy B.

Fifteen weeks ago God found me interested in learning more about Him but really confused about how to get to know Him.

I desired to know Him more intimately, but I didn’t have the tools.

Today God sees me as one who is getting to know Him more by things that have been brought to my attention over the past fifteen weeks. He sees my desire and willingness to get to know Him. I think we’re both excited!

David H.

Fifteen weeks ago God found me in search of answers, guidance, knowledge, and direction on the purpose and way of Christian living.

Tonight He finds me with a hunger and desire to become Š—“more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him.Š— He also finds me secure, knowing that He has a purpose and plan for my life. He finds my love for Him growing and alive!


Fifteen weeks ago God found me struggling under my own power many times to achieve the results that I felt were expected of me concerning my personal walk with Him.

Today He finds me progressively learning to focus my attention completely on Jesus and allowing Him to bring about the results in His own time and purpose.

Brad R.

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