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When I started ONE on ONE with GOD, I had already been consistent with my daily quiet time.

I really had no desire to make disciples. I was submitted to Christ but lacking in interest in vital areas of discipline.

Now I have a passion for discipling others and witnessing to non-Christians. I learned vital truths such as meditation, prayer, and love. I still need to learn to memorize Scripture, but I have ways to accomplish this task. The Principle of Displacement and yielding to the Spirit’s control have really touched me. I learned more from my friend always telling me what God is teaching him. Not only does that make us comfortable talking about Christ, but I also learn so much from this.

Dan O.

Before I went through ONE on ONE with GOD, I had a desire to know God and a desire to have a fruitful quiet time.

But I didn’t have the discipline and self-control to be consistent. I did not know how to meditate, having never been taught how to meditate. So I wasn’t retaining in my heart much that I learned. A lot of the time my quiet time was only going through the motions.

Now I am more consistent, and I am meditating on His law. I am being changed into His likeness and desire to know Him and tell Him of my love all throughout the day. I love others more and realize my worth is because He made me and loves me. I am more intimate with Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Father.

Matt S.

University student

Before I took ONE on ONE with GOD, I had a steady quiet time but didn’t really know how to share the faith with others by discipling.

I wanted the teaching to be able to use it next semester with upcoming freshmen at my university. My hope, God willing, was to get through college and go straight to the ministry full time without going to seminary. So I thought ONE on ONE would help train me.

Now I feel totally equipped and ready to disciple freshmen. ONE on ONE helped not only to show me how to disciple but gave me the passion to as well. It also gave me little helpful tips and acknowledgment not only to share but to use in my own life as well. I feel ready, trained, and anxious to use what I have learned to further God’s kingdom at my university and wherever God takes me.

Adam C.

University student

When I started ONE on ONE with GOD, I was a man who was seeking God but who did not know how to properly seek Him.

I was a man who wasn’t consistent in meeting with Him daily and a man who needed to practice the Principle of Displacement because I had a lot of junk in my head. I was a man who needed to be purified.

Now I am a man still seeking Him and His truths, a man meeting with Him daily, a man who is memorizing His Word and trying to apply it to his life, a man who is Christ-centered, a man of Hebrews 12:2 (focusing on Christ), a loving man, a man who still goofs up, a man who is seeking godly wisdom and knowledge.

Tommy M.

When I started ONE on ONE with GOD, God found me with a desire to want to grow with faith in Him, but I had a Š—“consistencyŠ— in my time with Him that verged on convenience.

After finishing the study, God finds me with a desire to be completely consistent, to memorize Scripture, and to meditate. Basically I now have a better idea of how to consistently grow toward God.

Kevin W.

Before I started ONE on ONE with GOD, God loved me with an everlasting love, which through Christ was made perfect.

I didn’t have the strength in Christ I should have, and I wasn’t very prepared to do His will. I was not very far in my walk for Him or committed to do anything that I could handle to take on whatever it took to grow closer to Him. After finishing ONE on ONE, I am a much stronger follower.

Adam B.

When I started ONE on ONE with GOD, I had just recently gotten out of a long relationship, so I was pretty brokenhearted and had been drawing into myself.

But I had the desire to know God, and I had the faith that He would heal me. So I was at a point in my life where I wanted to repent a lot and fill the emptiness I felt inside.

After finishing ONE on ONE, I am closer to God. My heart doesn’t hurt as much. He really healed me, and I am moving on to whatever He has planned for me. I am free in Him though I’m really tired. But God gives me strength to go on. He has definitely become a foundation for me as I had hoped.


Before ONE on ONE with GOD God found me as a child wanting to grow but not really knowing how to get started.

He also found me not spending time with Him like I should. I was continually making excuses and knew that I needed do something about it. I understood things in my head but hadn’t really transferred them to my heart. I was talking the talk but not walking the walk.

After finishing ONE on ONE I am still a child, but I am growing. As I yield to the Holy Spirit and abide in Jesus and His love for me, I am learning more about Him and applying what I learn in my life. I have a desire to grow closer to God and want to become more deeply acquainted with Him. I also know that I can’t keep God to myself. I have to go share His love with others. Even though I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, I do know that God is with me and will guide my every step. He loves me with a love I cannot comprehend, and He wants a personal relationship with me!


University student

When I began ONE on ONE with GOD, God found me hungry and in a great need to know Him.

I knew God in my heart, but I didn’t know him in the intimate and personal way that I longed for and needed in my life. I have been discipled since I was a child, and at times I’ve gotten personal and intimate with God, but little did I know the power He was about to bestow upon me through this class. I was unfaithful and undevoted before ONE on ONE, but God’s almighty power, everlasting love, amazing grace, and undeserved mercy poured on me and redeemed my spirit. I was scared through several of the sessions when I was asked to pray aloud about what God was speaking to me. That was something new and different for me, and I believe it was for a lot of the girls. Over time I adjusted to praying aloud before my Father and before my sisters in Christ. My mind keeps going back to the very first session, when I was scared but hungry, in need, unfaithful, undevoted, and restless.

Today, now that I’ve completed ONE on ONE, God has found me helpless without Him. Since my heart has grown for Him and since my love for Him is so much greater, my pride has been demolished, and I’ve realized how many years of blessings I missed out on. I guess the biggest thing He has taught me is the importance of humility. Without humility and honesty with God, I don’t expect Him to answer or bless my prayers. It seems sometimes that the closer I get to God, the harder it is. I’m still undevoted, at times, with my quiet times. Being undevoted takes me back to Session 5 when the class was told to write the prayer about our sin that we were aware of and how we were expecting someone else to meet our needs rather than trusting in God. I’ve been in prayer about my lack of devotion, and I’m learning to trust God more with my needs. I have a greater desire than ever before to know God and His Word and to allow Him to work in my life. I just need to act more on that desire!

I know God wants to use me in a mighty way. Ever since I was a child and accepted Christ, I have felt God telling me that He’s got great things in store for me and to follow His will. He has helped me by giving me bits and pieces of what my future holds. He has put people in my mind whom He wants me to disciple. His mighty hand has been at work in my life through ONE on ONE. I’ve learned how to pray, how to read and study His Word, and, most of all, how to apply it to my life to be a more loving person. I love God so much! I fall in love with Him more each day because I know how helpless I am without Him. He has blessed me so much this summer and has answered my prayers. I can’t wait to go home and share!

Beth P.

University student

When I started ONE on ONE with GOD, I had a regular, good time with Christ daily, but I didn’t really have a plan for my quiet time.

This summer I was searching for a vision for my life.

After completing the course, I have a definite plan of what to read now. ONE on ONE has helped me to rely on and learn the promises of God. He has shown me that His Word, its promises, and He Himself are the only things I really can rely on. Through my daily reading, He has planted a vision for my future in my heart and given me promises from His Word to claim with that.


University student

When I began ONE on ONE, I had a desire to follow Christ and a hunger for a deeper relationship that would actually show results and changes in my life.

I was tired of living a defeated, discouraged life. I did not have abundant life, and I was not equipped yet to understand how to get abundant life. But the desire to really live the Christian life was there. I didn’t want to just exist. I knew that I did not have an effective ministry because although I had a quiet time almost every day, I was continually getting defeated in my daily walk, and Satan used this to discourage my spiritual growth. I could see where I was and just how far away I was from where a Christ-centered Christian should be. I had just enough of Christ to be miserable.

Now I feel like God has answered so many questions for me, and I know what it means to move things from my head to my heart. Growing up in church I had so much head knowledge and so little heart knowledge that it was no wonder my faith did not produce the good works my Christianity calls me to. I did not understand before this the necessity of yielding and what that really means in daily application. I am to live one day at a time. I do not have to produce the fruit of the SpiritŠ—”the Spirit does. My job as a follower of Christ is to keep the Holy Spirit in control. So now I know what my responsibility is. And my focus, my purpose, has been given a crystal-clear direction: to know Him. This has been truly life-changing. I feel in many ways like a new Christian who has just set out on the road of abundant life. I have such a long way to go, but what a journey it will be!

Andy P.

University student

When I started ONE on ONE with GOD, God found me wanting to know Him on my time and only when I could find time.

I was too concerned about everything else around me. I was always on the defense when Satan attacked me, and I never was on the offense, especially when I missed my quiet time. I was having a hard time memorizing Scripture and taking the time to do it.

After completing Session 15, I believe God has found me truly after His heart and wanting to really know Him daily. I have found God’s true love for me, and by yielding myself to His Holy Spirit. I can have that love outflowing from me. Now I can play on offense to Satan by filling my mind with Christ and His love for me. I don’t need to play the defense, always asking God to help me get rid of that temptation. By focusing on Christ and memorizing Scripture, I will not be helpless any more.

Caleb J.

University student

Before I came to Glorieta, I found my heart getting harder and more rebellious in not attending church and thinking about not coming.

Right before I came, I asked God to use Glorieta in my life, that I would learn things that I could use on my spiritual level and that He would open my heart and help me to grow spirituallyŠ—”even though I had not been very faithful to Him in the month or so before coming.

Through ONE on ONE with GOD, God has opened my mind to see His character and to experience the Bible in a new way. He has shown me His love for me. I know that He does hear and answer prayer, that He does have a plan for my life, that I am significant to Him, and that He is the powerful Controller of everything that happens every day. Maybe one of the most important things I have learned is that I have to humble myself and remember that I am totally dependent on God. A lot of times I find myself going back to my independent nature, and that is not what God wants. God is awesome!


God found me confused at the beginning of the summer.

I was confused about everything! My spiritual walk with Christ had high points and low points. The Lord knew I was struggling. He gave me a prayer partner who changed my life. Shannon helped to encourage me throughout the summer. I know God put us together for a reason!

Today I am no longer so confused. I have accepted Christ! I have grown in my walk with Him. I have learned many valuable truths and lessons through ONE on ONE with GOD. It has been neat to talk with others about my loving Savior Jesus. It has been a good summer.

Sarah F.

University student

Before I started ONE on ONE with GOD, God found me worried, stressed, doubtful, and with low self-esteem.

This is actually the first time that I’ve been away from home the whole summer, in a place where I didn’t know anyone. A few years ago before I was a Christian, I went away to school, but I didn’t last two months before I quit and came back home. Before I even left to come here, I prayed that God would be with me at every moment because otherwise I wouldn’t have made it. Being away from home was hard, and I could feel Satan’s attack on me. I worried about how I was going to make it and about things going on at home. Because I was here and didn’t know anyone, I was oppressed and just wanted to leave. I was also very doubtful about what I knew of the Bible, of His Word. I knew I was going to be here with people who probably grew up in church and knew way more than I did.

Today God finds me as a new creation. There is no more doubt about what I know of Him. I was able to lead someone back to Christ this summer, and it was because He gave me everything I needed to know. I am no longer worried about my future because He has taken care of it. God’s love has been shown to me this summer through His Word and through other people. Thank You, God, for Your mighty works!


University student

When the summer started, I had been doing nothing with God other than attending church for about a month and a half.

Often my life runs in cycles, and I can be reading or praying for a while and then doing nothing for another period of time. I came into the summer ready to escape and concentrate, to get my life straightened out again. I felt that if I could be consistent for a summer, I would get on the right path.

After finishing ONE on ONE with GOD God finds me wanting to get to spend time with Him. He finds me waking up before the alarm goes off, eager to hear from Him. ONE on ONE has helped me by holding me accountable and teaching me how to know Him.

Denise B.

University student

Before I started ONE on ONE with GOD, I was excited and wanting something to happen.

I wanted God to show me and teach me. I wanted to share His love with others around me and to grow closer to Him than ever before. I needed to open up my whole heart to Him and give Him complete control over my life.

After finishing ONE on ONE, I am excited about wanting to go out and share everything that I have learned and seen, to everyone I know. God finds me yielding my heart and mind and soul and strength to Him every day (my whole life). He finds me more dependent on Him than I ever was before. He finds me more open and teachable. He finds me wanting and longing to hear and feel His love all around me. He finds me longing after Him all the time.


I came into the summer wanting to know God, wanting to learn about the kind of woman He wanted me to be in His own timing.

I didn’t know how to do it, but I trusted God would show me the way. I was hurting inside, struggling to love myself, which reflected in how I related to people in my relationships with them. I felt like I was missing something and that there was something about God that I was clueless about. I thought I was the only one struggling.

After finishing ONE on ONE with GOD, I find myself searching for God like never before. I have learned to love others more and to love myself like never before. I realized that God works everything for my good and that everything I have ever gone through was because of His perfect plan. I found what I was missing and realized that there are so many struggling with the same thing. There is a passion that God gave me to go and make disciples. He has given me a means to do it. I now have the courage, strength, and knowledge to go. My eyes have been opened to His awesome power and love.


Although I was searching for more intimacy with God, I was stagnant before I began ONE on ONE with GOD.

At the beginning I wanted to do right, and I wanted God’s best, but I knew not where to start. I was so wrapped up in the world that I couldn’t concentrate/focus on Him.

After finishing the study, I think the main thing that God sees is that I am growing. I am becoming more and more hungry for His Word. I am excited about reading what He is going to say, and He wants me to stay firm in that, like He’s told me so much. God, I think, finds me more faithful, loving, and kindŠ—”not by my own strength but by the Holy Spirit. God has softened my heart a lot since the beginning. Yet I have so far to go.


University student

When I started ONE on ONE with GOD, I was looking to grow and be stretched.

Through this study, He has shown me character flaws that I should work on and given me disciplines to work on. I’m ready to take what I’ve learned and work it out day by day.

Lauren J.

University student

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