About One on One with God

One on One with God is a discipleship process that is:


Discipleship was the heart of Jesus’ mission here on earth. He modeled making disciples and then commanded us to “go and make disciples.” (Matt. 28.19) One on One with God illuminates a path, models a lifestyle, and provides a tool for making disciples.


At its core, Christianity is Christ. Christians embrace a Person, not merely a philosophy; the essence of discipleship is not so much knowing about Jesus but rather knowing Jesus Himself. One on One with God’s relational approach leads to the dynamic life and intimate fellowship with Jesus you are meant to enjoy.


Discipleship is not only for professionally trained clergy or for the spiritually “elite,” but for every Christian who desires to know Jesus and follow Him. One on One with God gives specific instruction in spiritual disciplines such as Bible reading, prayer, meditation, study, and scripture memory, that are easily understood and put into practice.


One on One with God is easy to use and pass on to others. It has been multiplied successfully in every imaginable context from living rooms, to prison cells, to seminary classrooms. Multiple versions are available to accommodate different settings. Now translated into 18 languages, this tool has helped disciples make disciples in more than fifty countries.

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About Jerry and Marilyn

Jerry and Marilyn Fine are lay people who have taught God’s Word in the USA and abroad for over forty years. Their thirty-year career as government contractors took them to every part of the USA. Following God’s leading they retired early to invest more time in making disciples. Now, literally thousands of people around the world have been discipled through ONE on ONE with GOD, which they wrote and compiled.

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