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For Individuals

What will I learn in One on One with God?

You will discover how to:

  • Know Jesus intimately.
  • Integrate the spiritual disciplines into your life and experience victory.
  • Saturate your life with God’s Word and then move truth from your head to your heart through meditation.
  • View life from God’s perspective.
  • Reflect Christ by living under the control of the Holy Spirit.
  • Persevere through trials and suffering.
  • Love others and love yourself.
  • Experience joy, peace, and contentment that come from walking in the center of God’s will.
  • Know the amazing fulfillment of passing along what you have learned to others, and see the transformation the Holy Spirit makes in their lives.
  • Join God in His purpose and plan for making disciples who make disciples!

Ministry Leaders

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For Ministry Leaders

Benefits of One on One with God

One on One with God can help you:

  • See life and transformation in the ministry you lead.
  • Equip those you lead to feed themselves.
  • Leverage a tool that has been proven effective to make disciples who make disciples in hundreds of different ministries and among tens of thousands of believers all over the world.
  • Set those you lead on a pathway to knowing and reflecting Jesus as a lifestyle.
  • Invest your time with maximum impact and maximum return.
  • Develop spiritually mature, consistent and balanced Christians.
  • Leave a legacy of disciple-making that produces lasting fruit.
  • See a movement of multiplication start in your ministry and in your city.

Logistics & Scheduling

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Logistics and Scheduling

How long does it take to complete One on One with God?

One on One with God is available in 4 different versions (8, 12, 15, or 26-week) and is designed for once-a-week meetings. Fifteen weeks or longer is ideal in order for those you are discipling to build patterns and establish a lifestyle, but the shorter versions have been used effectively when a specific setting necessitates less time.

How much time should I allow for each session?

About two hours per session for every version except the 26-week version, which is structured to be completed in one-hour sessions. Otherwise, it generally takes two hours to cover all of the material and give everyone an opportunity to participate and learn how to do the things you are challenging them to do.

How many people should I have in a group?

One disciple alone or up to six disciples maximum in a group to allow time for everyone to participate and learn most effectively. If your group must be larger, be sure to allow enough time to cover all the material and that your disciples understand how to apply the truths.

Why small groups and not a larger classroom setting?

Your purpose in discipling is to produce true disciples who will invest their lives in making disciples. This is best accomplished in small groups. Small groups lend themselves to close relationships where disciples learn and are challenged by one another, and pray for one another. Remember, the One on One with God lifestyle is caught as well as taught.

How will I know what to cover in each session?

There is a leader’s guide that gives specific instruction for each session and even provides author’s notes for stories and illustrations as needed.

Can we have mixed groups with men and women?

It is wise for men to disciple men and women to disciple women. If it is necessary for a man or woman to disciple people of the opposite sex, make sure it takes place in a group. Never meet to disciple only one person of the opposite sex unless you are husband and wife.

Other Tips for Leading One on One with God Groups:

  • If possible, meet in a home with as few distractions as possible. A relaxed, homelike atmosphere is very helpful.
  • If you serve refreshments, keep them simple and not time-consuming. Coffee, tea, or a soft drink should be sufficient.
  • Do not be uneasy or impatient with periods of silence when you ask questions. Let the disciples know that it is okay to think about their responses. You may need to rephrase your question.
  • Practice what you teach. God and the disciples are watching you.
  • Teach with humility. Let the disciples know that you are also on the journey of spiritual growth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go through One on One with God by myself?

One on One with God is designed so that a disciple-maker can personally lead you through the materials, both teaching and modeling the truths you will be learning. It is not meant to be read from cover to cover like a regular book, but experienced in the context of relationship. However, if there is no one nearby that can lead you through, we have made audio sessions available on our website.

What is the difference between the 8, 12, 15 and 26-week versions?

There is no difference at all in the material covered; only in the amount of time necessary to cover the material. The 8,12 & 15-week Leader’s Guides all correspond with the standard workbook, while the 26-week workbook is laid out differently (in a linear format) and must be used exclusively with the 26-week Leader’s Guide.

What if the people I’m discipling are not making disciples?

Continue to pray for and encourage your disciples to make disciples, but remember that we go out in the energy and under the control of the Holy Spirit, and we leave the results to God. He is the One who must illuminate their minds and convict their hearts to make disciples. Be faithful to God’s commission and call upon your life to make disciples, and in His timing you will see results.

What is the relationship between Go Face to Face International, Inc. and One on One with God?

Go Face to Face International, Inc. is the organization and One on One with God is the tool used by the organization to make disciples and produce disciple-makers throughout the world.